My First Hickey

This is Part 3 of Getting what I want

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Halfway there it starts to hurt and I use all my energy to push him off of me. He stops for a moment to admire his work but I let him continue because he said he’s almost done. I dig my nails into his back when it starts to hurt again but he finishes soon after that.

“Do you want one anywhere else”


He hands me the mirror and I stare at it in horror and ask how long it’ll take to go away. He ignores me and starts kissing my back, I let him continue until I heard:

“three or four days”

I push him off me and tell him I need to go while yelling at him for not warning me in advance. Then I grab my clothes and toss him his shirt and we head out to his car out front. As we’re crossing the street I grab him and pull him in close and apologize for the way I behaved.

“I’m sorry about tonight”

He doesn’t respond but he hugs me back and talks the whole way to my parents place. I kiss him on the cheek when we arrive and reach for the door but he pulls me back in for more.

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Sneak Preview

Everyone gives me hell for the hickey on my neck including my sis and coworkers. And with shifts lined up back to back and unexpected events in-between I yelled and chucked it up when I couldn’t.

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