Fuck Schedule ((B’s Twin Jared))


Jared has a way of letting me know when he wants to sex and I never turn down the opportunity to be with him.

I was lying in bed but I wasn’t asleep when he slipped his arms around my waist and joined me. I liked the closeness that it brought but I hoped it wasn’t what I thought it was because I was too tired to have sex with him. So when he pulled me closer I did my best to shut it down but he made my body betray me while he coaxed it. I was too weak to fight him off, I doubt I would with energy but I had to tell him even if it hurted. It’s now that I wish I wore more clothes to bed because the air around us just got colder and the only thing separating us from completing the act were panties and boxers. I contemplate giving in just to heat up because I’m too tired to get up and get a blanket but he slips his hand inside before I can make a decision. It irregulates my breathing and I struggle to get it back to normal but I can’t because of the pleasure that it brings. There were only two ways out of this: to cum or get a blanket the second was eliminated when I realized movement would force my release. So I did the only thing I could do and tried to control it grateful that he at least allowed me that.

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