Cornered ((Pastor B. Series))

I packed up all my instruments and headed to the back determined to escape before B. got to me. I knew if he got to me we’d talk amidst the congregation and I preferred to have him all to myself. Last week he was surrounded after service, I snuck out before he could get to me, we spent the latter part of the day texting, I was all smiles. I didn’t even look to see if the coast was clear, I just assumed he’d be at the front by his office so when he called out to me from the aisle I was passing I froze.

I didn’t get a chance to react or capture my feelings when he pulled me in. It took a little more than a minute to realize he was hugging me. I could barely breathe, it was the greatest feeling in the world, B hugging me. I put my arms around him and hugged him back but tried to free myself when I realized others could be watching. He just pulled me closer, willing me to relax and when I finally did he let me go. I bet the whole congregation knows how he feels about me, he’s never hugged anyone that long.  It was the first hug from B, I could still feel the warmth, I just wish he didn’t catch me off guard.

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