B’s Offer

This is Part 2 of Foul Play

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I put out a forkful of cash to hang with B. and his congregation so I was a little more than upset when they all denied me a ride home. They didn’t just deny me a ride home, they pushed me onto B. and as much as I wanted to be alone with him I was scared.

“B. can you give me a ride home”

“Let me ask around, we’ll find a ride”

One Month Later

I was off on my skateboard before they settled into their cars and halfway home when B pulled up next to me.

“Adrianna would you like a ride”

“My block’s at this corner and it’s a one way street”

He took the hint and sped off without me. I was immediately overcome with anger so much so it burned through me. I mean, did he really just offer me a ride in his brand new car? We all saw his car when he pulled up late to bible study smiling and apologizing while getting us in. It made me wish I never stopped to chat with my fellow bible mates who were out there waiting when I went to pick up medicine for dad. He saw me so I stayed but I’d much rather been at home sneaking in a nap or writing content for my blog. So when he offered me a ride home a block away from the church and less than a minute from my house I declined but my anger wouldn’t let me forget.

 F*#! No!, I’m done with you!!!

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