Payback Season ((Pastor B. Series))

This is Part 3 of B’s Offer

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I didn’t think anything could hurt more than loosing Connor but things with B keep going from bad to worse. I’ve reached out to Uncle Matt and his advice was on point, I just wasn’t ready for it.

“You’ve created a lot of space”

“What can I do? He’s a pastor”

“You have to be willing to receive when he’s ready to give”

I knew exactly what he meant but I still asked him to explain but he gave more insight than I wanted. He referenced my most recent rejection of B’s offer causing flashbacks of what had happened back then. I could’ve accepted his offers but he’s a pastor, what will  they say?

“Who cares what they ~”

“I do!!!

“That’s his choice”

“but I’m wrong for him”

Uncle Matt went on to explain God’s gift of Free Will amongst other things but I was more upset by the realization of what just happened. For the first time in my life Uncle Matt sided against me, he was always on my side before this. He did however defend himself  brilliantly when I accused him of taking B’s side when he said he was offering a different perspective on it. So I’ve been prepping myself to receive and coaching myself to speak but I still find myself speechless around him. I’ll have to find a way to past it or it’ll kill me when he gets a wife because I already know I’m not the one.

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