Recovery ((MTI SERIES)) Re-uniting with a Summer Fling

I get off the bus and walk to the corner, angry at how I left things with him. Now he hates me, that’s why he hasn’t texted, that’s why I’ll be alone this year.

I miss him like crazy but I can’t find my way back. He deserves better so I keep him at arms length. It’s just that the distance is killing me and I really need attention to keep my mind off him. I realized the light has turned green so I glance to my left and right into the eyes of my last summer fling. He’s as handsome as ever and everything in me aches for him but I struggle not to give in to it. Realizing how much I missed him I don’t mind as he pulls me in so much so I don’t even see her next to him. He finally pulls back to take a good look at me and for the first time I’m embarrassed. My skin tight jeans aren’t worth a mention when my look is a total disaster complete with busted work boots that have faded to a pale green. I finally see her, the female companion standing next to him.

“Hi, I’m sorry”

“A, that’s my brother’s girl”

I’m instantly relieved even as he pulls me in again but the kiss he plants there on my neck brings me back. It makes me want to ask him now but I decide to wait until later.

“There you are . . . I thought you zoned out on me”

He tries to kiss me again but I dodge his advance even though I really want to give in. Then he releases me and asks my plans for V-Day:

“Really . . . no one . . . you gotta be kidding me.”

I suck my teeth in effort to hold my anger in while looking away from him.

“Let’s hang out right now”

“I can’t . . . I look like shit”

“Stop tripping”


“You’re playing hard to get”

He lets me leave after promising to spend Valentine’s Day with him. I blush uncontrollably as I smile back forgetting all about the guy I’ve been missing.

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