Recovery Part 2 ***His Brother*** I’ll Never Tell *** MTI

This is Part 2 of Recovery ((MTI Series))

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He texts me an hour later to see if I’ll come to him but there’s silence because I don’t respond to him.  So he texts me again to see if I’m still there.



“Yeah, can you come?”

I receive the address to the pizza place and rush to get ready, his brother and girl are already there. I replace my work shirt with a tank and a black leather jacket and race out the door but turn around to run back in. Something’s missing, it comes to me as I trip up the stairs, realizing it’s the boots I change them run back down. In minutes I’m out the door and halfway there, I arrive a short while later but I’m not sure if I should stay. My Valentine is sitting with the guy I hitch-hiked a ride with last year.

“Oh shit, is that his brother, the guy that almost impregnated me last year?

“Breathe A, if it is he won’t tell.”

Flashbacks to the gas station are interrupted by introductions around the table, I talk as little as possible knowing we’d never tell.

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