Fighting Back

I sat across from my co-worker and ate my big salad, he’d just finished his meal from Qudoba. I asked him about his first kiss cause I haven’t had mine yet and that spurred the conversation onto another.He put on his serious dad tone before looking me in the eye and telling me what I needed to do about my future he  said:

“If you’re still a virgin at forty do yourself a favor and loose it cause there’s nothing sexy about a forty-year old who hasn’t done it.”

“I whispered “I might be a forty-year old virgin but I’ll have a nineteen year-old pussy. Cause I’m not giving it up before marriage”.

He looked at me in horror. I don’t know where I got the balls to say that. But it had enough gusto to make both him and I believe it. He shook his head in defeat, I mentally patted myself on the back and watched him as he got up and left.

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