Getting Exactly What I Want ((Gym Series)) Feat My Hot Trainer & Tommy

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He was there before I got there but he was playing hard to get and he was working out with one of the regulars I knew. So I greeted them both but spent more time with the regular while Tommy did his best not to look. I headed over to my hot trainer afterwards to tease him a bit but he actually managed to get the best of me.

“He’s here!!!”



Shit!!! He doesn’t follow the blog, so I summed up three stories quickly. He smiled as I finished up and told me to send him the links while he looked around.

“I see him”


Damn he knows me so well it’s uncomfortable for me but I’m determined not to for fall for him. So I headed over to cardio but I was too out of it to go hard so sweating during my warm-up wouldn’t happen. I tried to go hard anyway and was eventually able to because my hot trainer had crossed the gym to talk to him. My heart began to race, Tommy’s glance in my direction didn’t help because the way he looked at me made me think we had a chance. I began to go harder, as hard as I possibly could until my sweat poured out of me. I put my hand under my shirt just to check and smiled uncontrollably. Tommy had moved onto abs so I moved in on my hot trainer again:

“Did you tell him?”


It didn’t matter, I didn’t believe him. I argued for a little bit, he thinks I should tell Tommy how I feel. I didn’t want to because we weren’t going to fuck. I left him to do abs just as Tommy was finishing up but I returned to him before I left.

“I really hate your headphones Tommy”


“Because I want your attention”

“I hate feeling like I’m interrupting you”

He smiled and changed his tone to a more serious one and said:

I’m all yours”

I smiled and walked away loving it!!!

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