Marking Terrority

Check out Pastor B’s Debut in Adrianna’s New Crush

I psyched myself up all week to talk to him and tomorrow was finally here. I was gonna say:

“Hey B. great piece, you segued nicely into it

I can’t wait to hear next week’s piece”

I know pre-recorded but it was concrete and I guarantee I’ll remember it. Now if I could just get him alone for a second I’d finally get what I wanted. I sat through service, it was the usual length, he preached a great message and guess what, he segued nicely into it. Last week’s lesson of planting seeds flowed smoothly into this week’s piece of being their I.V. so I know God approved my plan. I killed a few songs on my guitar but kept messing up on my trumpet and the last loud wrong note earned me a hard stare from the congregation. So I finally put that away and just played my guitar, there were no complaints after that. Glad that church finally ended, I packed my instruments quickly and went to look for B. in the back. He was surrounded by admirers, luckily all retired so there was no real threat in that. I got ready to move when I saw him enter his office but stopped when I realized two other women were in there. The door was open so I contemplated popping in to say it but the argument lasted forever in my head.

“Go in A”

“No, I want him alone”

“That could take a while”

“So I’ll wait for him”

I cursed myself as a I finished, a few more women went into his office and one of them even closed the door. So I hung around the office waiting for them to finish and chatted with everyone there. Then I went outside and chatted with B’s prospective wife, her hair was curled nicely today. She told me she was waiting for B., I dare not confess, she’d given me paperwork to get help taking care of dad so I had to like her. Plus she was pretty nice, I just hate being jealous but I know he’d be better off with her. I waited a few minutes more and finally gave up, it just wasn’t going to happen today. So I pulled dad’s new car around and loaded my instruments into the car and left.

One Hour Later

Make-up still on I skateboarded to the Rite Aid across the street from his church, smiling upon seeing his car out front. I was however more alarmed by the person leaving his church; was she really there all this time? I should’ve just hung around and waited, I wonder what they talked about but there was no way I could go to him right now. I’d already changed to pants, I was more glamorous for service, I want him to remember me like that. So I went into Rite Aid and got what I needed and spoke to her on her way in as I headed out. She didn’t look happy to see me, that made two of us but I’m sure God will get me back on track. All I needed now was to skateboard by B’s new car on the way home but he had already left.

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