B’s Response ((The Comforter Series))

This is Part 3 of The Comforter Series

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I hated myself immediately after I sent it, why’d I do that? I should’ve created space not reduced it. Luckily B. got back to me early the next morning, it brighten my mood and my day.

“Hey! I miss you too. I left the country to continue some educational studies but I’ll be there this Sunday”.

“Continuing studies, you’re already super-smart!!!!”

“Lol, you’re too kind, you’re much smarter than I. It’s important for me to do some form of continuing education this time God allowed me to attend a church that gave me glimpses of what our church is working on. I’m sad you’ll be gone for two weeks, where are you headed?”

“No place far, I usually tap dance the week of repentance, the ceremony is still weird for me. My aunt and uncle’s anniversary is that weekend so I’ll tap the following week.”

“Well family is important, I hope you have a wonderful time. I totally understand your feelings of the ceremony and I’m more than willing to sit with you to talk about it. Thanks for reaching out to me, my prayers are with you and I’ll see you in two weeks,


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