Let the Pre-Season Games Begin

He has to be at the gym enough for me to look forward to seeing him before I introduce myself to him. If he’s hot it’s a strike against him because I shouldn’t have to break the ice unless of course he has a girlfriend.

We locked eyes for a second, I was the first to look away. I never expected to see my dream guy at the gym. He was cute with glasses, he’d never need to take them off and the muscles on his arms matched his calves. I thought about going over to talk to him, just to say hi. I’d compliment him and go back to working out. My warm-up had already started and this week was a triple double so there wouldn’t be any shortcuts during cramp week. I wanted to look again but I’d just looked at him so I waited a few minutes before I looking up at him. He was already looking at me when I looked up the second time, we locked eyes again, this time was longer. I tried to smile  but I just stared back at him. He’d need encouragement to talk to me and I needed to finish cardio so I pulled myself together to and finished it. He  continued checking me out but I refused to meet his glance and when Sy showed up I forgot about him.

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