Fuckin’ With the Opponent

This is Part 3 of Let the Pre-Season Games Begin

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The “hot nerd” from earlier was in the ab part but I’d just finished talking to Sy. I didn’t wan to introduce myself to him or play the staring game because of plans that night.

He seemed to be on the same page but his gaze followed me as I greeted someone else. She was a pretty girl that worked out regularly. We busted it up a few minutes then did our own thing across from each other. Silas came over to our area  and walked past me to go and talk to her. I felt a pang of jealousy while lying on my back while waiting out recovery but I kept track of the time he was spending over there. I closed my eyes in meditation and left them closed until he left our zone. It was in that moment my anger rivaled my cramps in envy.

I worked up the nerve to ask her but she barely told me anything. She said that they were friends but I wanted to know what kind of friend because I’d gone down on him in my head. I didn’t stay to probe further because it didn’t matter if they fucked. I started exercises on the mat and gave that topic one last thought. I told myself Silas can fuck whoever he wants because I’m not physically fucking him then I smiled and waved at the pretty girl before I left to go over and say goodbye to him.

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