Being a Good Sport ((Fuckin’ with Tommy Series))

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I really love running into Tommy at the gym, he drops everything just to talk to me.

I had a few minutes left on the elliptical and nothing planned but abs when I saw him lifting weights in the back. I caught his eye and smiled but he didn’t smile back so I waited till I was done and went to him. He saw me before I reached him, perks of working out in front of a mirror and removed his headphones but I was the first to speak.


“Wow, your look is cool”

“That’s no reason not to smile”

“my bad, I didn’t know that was you”

He complimented my hair but I didn’t let him off the hook but I busted it up with him a couple of minutes and went to abs. In abs I remembered the tough time he gave me when I changed my hair the last time and forgave him for not recognizing me. I’m still having a tough time understanding why he didn’t smile I’m a pretty girl, is he seeing someone now? I dismissed the thought quickly because it didn’t matter if he was because Tommy and I weren’t going to fuck. I looked for him before I left just to mess with him a little more and he surprisingly let me have my way with him.

“So if you don’t recognize me I don’t have to speak to you right?

“cause I don’t want to hear shit about it later”

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