Change of Plans ((My First Blowjob))

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in getting what I want

He’s been getting me off for years and I wanted to pay him back so I dropped by his house the following night.

Welcome to My First Blowjob

*** Fantasy ***

“Hey, can I come over?”

“I’m watching the game”

“I’m downstairs”

He texts me the doors open to come up. I tip-toe up the steps as best I could in six inch heels but the marble on his floors alert him. He gets up to open the door but I push him back onto the bed

“Are we really doing this?”

“I’m doing this if you behave”

He reaches out but I move to sit between his legs.

“Let me get the remote”

“No, I wanna hear the score”

He tries to speak again but stops when I reach into his shorts. Satisfied I massage him and take him in my mouth then use my hands to massage him in until he fits. He shifts uncomfortably and tries to take it out but I force him in and welcome his release.Warm cum hits the back of my throat from the second release and so I swallow and prepare for the next one. When he’s finally done I ask the score of the game just as the tv announces:

Cavaliers Won!!!

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