Surprising Jackson *** My Morning Hottie Series ***

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I’ve seen Jackson at the gym almost everyday this week and he’s been like a chatterbox  since last week. He’s asked how often I’m here and the times I get here and I gave him the truth ((of course)). Today I engaged him in my normal routine of living vicariously through my crush and friends.

“How was your weekend?”

“okay . . . I brought a different water this week”

“No Deer Park”

“It was six bucks so I got somethings else”

My heart went out to him, I wanted to make it better but a glance at my watch said I needed to leave. So I jumped in the car and drove fast to mom’s place, relief washed over my face upon seeing her parked car. She appeared moments later and I walked her to the car but I called the nearest house when I went in.

“Do you have Deer Park Water”


” Really!!!”

“We’re fully stocked”

When I arrived at the store I saw there was a sale what I thought would make his day.. Jackson’s car was still parked when I pulled up next to it so I raced inside and concocted a plan to get him out.

“You’re back?”

“Yeah, can you help me with something?”

“Sure give me a second, I’ll be back”

He disappeared into the locker room and came out with his phone while I made small talk on the way to our cars. Using the automatic key to unlock it I pointed to the cases of water in the back seat.

“You got this for me?”

“Yeah, I want you to get off to a great start”

“All three?”

“I don’t drink the stuff and it was on sale”.

He pulled me in for a hug unexpectedley but I retained my conscious state without heart palpitations or shortness of breath to cripple me.

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