About Me

About Me

I’ve dated a series of guys who’ve made it a priority to get me off without ever kissing me first. The experiences I’ve had makes me want them repeated to the point where I try to recreate them myself. I’ve managed to stop myself even midway pleasure just to keep my virginity in tact. The good news is the guys keep coming and my  braces are finally off for good.

I just reconnected with Connor “my only true love” who I stopped seeing after having a dream I was pregnant.  After explaining to him a few years later we’re finally speaking again. He’ll only take it further if I have sex with him but my dream means more to me than his dick.  Also several new crushes competing for my attention got me missing the days when I was bad.

This is the diary of a thirty-one year old virgin that’s never been kissed but’s working towards making it big. Follow me on my journey to being famous while battling the urges to get off and keep my virginity till marriage.

p.s. I should probably tell you I have no intention of getting married but I’m glad you stopped by to read this.


I’ll be posting content everyday so try not to get behind, both new and recurring characters all always popping up.


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