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*** Mom Falls Apart ((The Passing)) Available Monday December 18th ***

*** Fighting with Ian ((Div-V-ing up Dad’s Possessions)) Added December 17th ***

*** Spared Again ((Losing Control of Dad’s New Car)) Added Saturday December 16th ***

*** The Day Before ((The Last Days)) Added Friday December 15th ***

*** Two Days Before ((The Last Days)) Added Thursday December 14th ***

*** Mom’s Pain ((Life After Death)) Added Wednesday December 13th ***

*** Sire’s Death ((Losing Dad)) Added Tuesday December 12th ***



Adrianna’s Ambitions



Adrianna’s Big Fuck-Up



Adrianna’s Confessions



Alternatives to Sex Series



The Auto Repair Shop



Big Prayers Small Problems



The Blues



Christmas Weekend Series



Church Series



Citizen’s Bank



College Boy



Communicating with Mom



Couples Night






Cramp Week



Dad’s Recovery Process



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DeShawn Series






Fighting with Dad Series



For the Love of Connor Series



Fuckin’ with Tommy Series



The Gentleman ((Silas’s Series))



Getting Used to Being Alone



Groomed for Porn Series



Groomed to Fuck Series






Gym Series



Ian the Great





The Last Days


Licensed to Drive



Life without Sire



Mad as Fuck Series



Me and Logan



Mean Guys



Meet the Cuddler Series



Meet Prince Charming



Meet Rocco ((Fantasy))



Meet the Parents



Meet Wyatt 



Me vs. Dick



Me vs God



More Than I Can Handle



Morning Blues



My Burning Bush Experience



My Cute Sis Kylie



My Future Boyfriend



My Hot Sis Audrey Series



My Hot Trainer



My Parents Place



The New Guy



Nick G. Series



Office Romance



Off Limits Series 1 ((Married Men Series))



Off Limits Series Series 2



The Passing ((Losing Dad))

*** Sire’s Death ((Losing Dad)) Added Tuesday December 12th ***

*** Fighting with Ian ((Div-V-ing up Dad’s Possessions)) Added December 17th ***

*** Mom Falls Apart ((The Passing)) Added Monday December 18th ***



Pastor B. Series



Pastor B’s Twin Jared



Scared Shitless Series



Sibling Series






The Walk of Shame



Zack’s Place